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Warning NSFW: Nice stuff for werewolves. hello i am ALSO 100% mermaid for real


someone teach me how to kiss tbh

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im more art than these photots
dreamytheater: Sorry..I need to stop hanging out with you. My mom said she didn't want be to be friends with a memelicker like you. I can't be seen with you anymore.


With my bf gone I truly am… forever alone. (laugh track plays on a nonstop loop until I starve and die)

Onani Master Kurosawa


Madvillain - All Caps

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A very special treat for Eruri, Levi and/or Erwin Smith fans!

This audio clip is from Kotonoha no Hana yaoi drama CD, performed by Erwin’s voice actor Daisuke Ono and Levi’s voice actor Hiroshi Kamiya. It’s basically SnK fangirl’s dreams come true, whether you’re fan of the pairing or Levi or Irvin himself.

Note that this audio clip is R-18. Putting headphones on is highly recommended if you don’t want to explain why the Corporal is moaning in your room. 

Download Kotonoha no Hana drama CDs with translations from Rivaille-Heichou.

Artwork by 進撃ログ. Rebloggable Tumblr version of it can be found from Irvin-Rivaille’s page.



forgot to post the single serious selfie i took all weekend
i was human terezi on saturday and john yesterday for uk413!! thanks for such a great time everyone ;v;