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「Never Catch Me」
//Flying Lotus ft. Kendrick Lamar


Flying Lotus ft. Kendrick Lamar - Never Catch Me


I’m 45 and had no idea what a “B.A.P” was until my 17-year-old daughter wanted to see them in Dallas. She had good grades, so I bought her and her friend tickets to go. Three days before the concert, she invited her boyfriend over while I wasn’t home, and I caught them in a “compromising” position. B.A.P went out the window for her as punishment. I took her tickets. So my money didn’t go to waste, I took my friend to the show. Great time! Now they have a fan in this old broad especially Jongup. Yum! (Anon)

free! episode 13
  • me:
    what about sousuke?
  • kyoani:
  • sousuke:


A small set for your tearful needs

minzy + long hair [2014] for anonymous

「suisei (水星) (Young & Fresh Mix)」
//tofubeats ft. Seira Kariya (仮谷せいら)


 水星 feat,仮谷せいら (Young & Fresh mix)


well life just isnt fucking fair is it humpback whale 85

Be the person Uncle Iroh knows you can be



Pink Pointer Wavy Tail